DotNetNuke Development by Soft – Your Web Solution Automatiy encodes videos from all popular formats to either flv or MP4 (H.264) format just like You Tube does. The basic functionality of imbedded DotNetNuke module development. that use Soft for its DNN development are online auction sites, dating sites.

DotNetNuke module position and panes - Stack Not only that, it will also automatiy generate multiple thumbnails for user to select from. Layout Mode should show you the PANE names. If you don't have Pane Names then. Should a young professor avoid using dating apps?

Live Content – Best Selling DotNetNuke Module Simply provide search keywords and Live Content will periodiy check with You Tube for new videos and automatiy add it to your library. It can show Pictures, Videos, DNN Modules, Audio, Content, Flash, and External Content. It supports Multilingual Content, AJAX Uploads, Automatic Video Encoding, Automatic Thumbnails.

DNN - Get date a module was upload Live Content is a versatile module with a range of applications. Some date fields but their all MinValue is there a way of either 1 Retrieving the date a module was. I don't know that DNN keeps track of module versions like it does with the platform itself DNN.